Things have been tough these past couple of years, but Mark and Larry worked with me to get some repairs done that were critical to the maintenance of my home. They let me help out and worked alongside me to make sure I did things right at a price that I could afford. I am so happy with the finished project that I now have! Thank you so much! You made it happen!​ Dave, Phoenix 
                                                CommercialI really wrestled with who I should select to do my hail damage repairs. I own a Days Inn in Phoenix and interviewed many, many companies. Most were pushy and wanting answers and contracts "Right Now"! The only one that always left me with a genuine feeling of caring about my project as much as I did were Larry & Jim! I followed their advice and am very, very happy that I did. I would recommend Larry and Jim, to anyone for any project that they may have.​ Jay, Phoenix 

They did so much more than I expected and helped with other little things that I needed to have done! There was so much debris from tearing off my old roof, but they contained all of it in tarps and cleaned and picked up every nail! I could not be happier!​ Sylvia, Flagstaff
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